Awecelot is different...


...and somewhat hard to describe. We've been called "product management guidance counselors," "startup whisperers," and "Entrepreneurs in Absence."

With Awecelot, we work as an embedded product specialists where the objective is to gain a deep understanding of the client’s needs and then collaborate in the creation and execution of a user-focused plan. The core hypothesis we operate under is that agencies often want to be thought of as an external resource and build ongoing (and often siloed) value which leads to an inherent tension between the customer and the provider.

However, our goal is to embed as part of the team to fill a targeted need but with impermanence as an expectation. This allows us to create institutional value inside the company during the engagement, since our goals align with that of the client.

We do this by helping get the product to a position where both the strategy and tactical implementation plan (and any additional armatures necessary) are in place so that we're no longer needed. Essentially, we're outsourced product specialists whose job it is to help make ourselves irrelevant.


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