Awecelot: A One-Man Band

Max is a product management executive who has spent his career crafting, launching, and scaling platforms and products. He has experience creating marketplace ecosystems, mobile apps, social games, consumer sites, semantic tools, and media platforms. He focuses on developing products that delight users by embracing the elegance of simplicity to drive innovation and usability.

"I started Awecelot because I continued to work with startups and founders that faced the same challenges I had. Across all of these projects and a decade of experience in product, I saw that it is critical to build institutional value and knowledge from the onset."

Before Awecelot, Max built and launched Quill to solve the problem of distributed ideation. Quill was a collaborative iPad application for teams that brings real-time and asynchronous collaboration to visual communication; a way to help with brainstorming and easily integrating the spark of an idea into workflows.

Additionally, Max has led the conversation around the concept of “Happiness Debt” and the importance of quantifying the cost of individual fulfillment in the workplace. The original piece can be found here.

Max also works as an advisor to startups, including Clark (which was featured on Apple's "Planet of the Apps"), Vimsical, and Round 2.

As a member on the NYC tech community, Max serves a Fellow at Columbia Business School’s Entrepreneurship Center, mentors at the Robin Hood Foundation’s accelerator, and is a Fellow for Tribeca Film Festival's Disruptor Awards. He has been awarded two patents (20100057701 & 20100058177) and also contributed to several open standards including OAuth and OpenID.

He graduated from Yale University in 2006 with a B.A. in Psychology.

Max has worked at both startups and larger companies including the BBC, Yahoo!, SpinMedia, Honest Buildings, Gravity, Myspace, and more.

Max also runs a LEGO design blog:

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